Soothing abdominal massage can alleviate many digestive problems

Soothing abdominal massage can alleviate many digestive problems

Painless abdominal massage can help with indigestion
Who does not know that when digestive problems such as flatulence arise after a sumptuous meal or certain dishes? If the symptoms are not too dramatic, an abdominal massage can often help.

Digestive problems can have different causes
The cause could have been an opulent meal, food that was difficult to digest or just a sensitive stomach: almost everyone has had stomach ache and digestive problems after eating. Over-the-counter medications for gastric pressure and similar complaints are also available, but in many cases simple home remedies are sufficient. Known home remedies for Völlefühl include caraway seeds, fennel, anise and coriander. A walk or drinking plenty of water also helps to stimulate digestion. A specialist magazine has yet another piece of advice:

A light abdominal massage can relieve symptoms
The dpa news agency reports on a tip given by the "Senioren Ratgeber" magazine in its 04/2016 issue. In the case of abdominal pain and digestive problems, an abdominal massage can relieve symptoms such as flatulence. As the experts explain, you lie on your back and bend your legs. In the position, let your hand circle between the hip bone and costal arch. A moderate pressure is sufficient. In no case should the massage cause pain. It is recommended to massage yourself for about five minutes. However, the communication points out that such self-treatment has limits. If in doubt, you should see a doctor for stomach ache and digestive problems. (ad)

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