Police are urgently warning of dangerous herb mixtures

Police are urgently warning of dangerous herb mixtures

Consuming legal highs leads to more and more emergency doctor visits
The Rhineland-Palatinate State Criminal Police Office (LKA) once again warns of the consumption of herb mixtures. The so-called "legal highs" have recently caused an enormous increase in emergency medical treatment. Experts have long been warning of the dangers posed by synthetically manufactured substances, which are primarily consumed by adolescents and young adults.

Bags appear like harmless herb mixtures
From the outside, the colorful sachets give the impression that it is a harmless blend of herbs. However, the so-called "legal highs" are synthetically manufactured substances that experts consider to be very dangerous due to their unpredictable effects. Therefore, the Rhineland-Palatinate State Criminal Police Office (LKA) warns again of the herbs, reports the news agency "dpa". According to the authority, there has been an enormous increase in corresponding emergencies in clinics and medical practices. Deaths have also become known. Last November, a 25-year-old from the Bernkastel-Wittlich district died after consumption. This year a 48-year-old woman died in Baden-Württemberg after smoking the fabrics.

Substances can cause a racing heart and breakdowns
A while ago, the LKA had issued a press release warning against the substances incorrectly referred to as "legal highs", since the consequences cannot be calculated and the consumer is therefore putting their health and life at risk. The herbal mixtures are therefore by no means harmless herbs, instead about a third of the substances previously examined by the LKA are prohibited by law.

According to the information, a substance called "couch trip" has recently been shown to be particularly dangerous. Here consumption can lead to violent reactions such as Heart palpitations, a circulatory breakdown, loss of orientation and loss of consciousness, even cardiac arrest is possible, the message. According to this, “Couch Trip” had, among other things, caused a 17-year-old to hallucinate after the first lungs and then to collapse. In a 16-year-old person, the mixture caused convulsions so severe that an artificial coma had to be initiated. (No)

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