Medical professionals on trial: Doctor is said to have carried out drug tests on children

Medical professionals on trial: Doctor is said to have carried out drug tests on children

A doctor practicing in Fulda is said to have treated numerous children with an unapproved flu drug. Since Tuesday, the 67-year-old doctor has had to answer to the Fulda district court. As the "Berliner Kurier" reports, the prosecutor accused him of fraud and attempted bodily harm in 75 cases.
Almost 73,000 euros for scientific surveys

A pediatrician from Petersberg (Hessen) is suspected of having treated dozens of his young patients with a non-approved flu drug as part of a study. As the "Kurier" reports, a pharmaceutical company had offered the doctor 72,800 euros for scientific surveys. “It was about a seasonal flu vaccine that was already approved for adults. A test phase should determine whether it is also suitable for children, ”Simon Trost, the district court spokesman, told the newspaper. The 67-year-old defendant, as the principal investigator, had undertaken to provide the parents with diaries for this survey, which should document the children's response to the vaccination, Trost said.

Elten apparently had no knowledge
But this obviously did not go as planned: As the prosecution shows, it was not the parents but the pediatrician who filled out the necessary documents - and that with freely invented data. The manufacturer himself got the case rolling after becoming suspicious of the 152 logs from 2008 to 2010. "At the start of the process, the man denied having injected the vaccine at all," explained Trost.

Now the doctor has to answer to the regional court for fraud, in addition there is an indictment by the public prosecutor for attempted assault. Because the man is accused of treating the more than 150 children with the flu drug without the parents' knowledge, the newspaper continues.

Healthy children are not at risk
Vaccination against seasonal influenza repeatedly causes discussions among parents and health experts. Every year, many mothers and fathers ask themselves the question "Does a flu vaccination make sense?"

Children are considered to be the main carrier because they can spread the disease quickly through their diverse social contacts in kindergarten, school, etc. For small patients, the flu shot is now even possible via a nasal spray, but critics repeatedly point out possible side effects such as Reddening of the skin, chills and tiredness. The Standing Vaccination Committee (STIKO) recommends vaccination primarily for older people, chronically ill people with basic illnesses such as Diabetes, medical staff and pregnant women. For healthy children, adolescents and adults under the age of 60, on the other hand, it is "not explicitly recommended", since influenza in these population groups usually has no serious complications, according to STIKO. (No)

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