Doctors only suspected pregnancy: huge tumor removed in 17-year-olds

Doctors only suspected pregnancy: huge tumor removed in 17-year-olds

Ovarian cancer instead of pregnancy: doctors remove huge tumor from young woman
Last autumn, a young British woman with severe abdominal pain was hospitalized. Because of her fat stomach, the doctors initially suspected that the 17-year-old was very pregnant. But then they diagnosed cancer: they found a tumor the size of a watermelon.

Doctors initially assumed pregnancy
When 17-year-old Olivia K. from Hull, England came to the hospital last November with severe abdominal pain, the doctors initially thought the young woman was very pregnant. "I have rather thin hips, so a lot of people thought at first that my belly indicated pregnancy," she told The Sun newspaper in the UK. Months earlier, Olivia had noticed that her stomach was a little inflated, but ignored this until she finally got severe pain.

Cyst was "the size of a watermelon"
The doctors finally made a terrible discovery in the clinic: on the ultrasound picture, they could see that a tumor had formed in the ovary of the young woman, which was surrounded by a huge cyst. So Olivia had cancer. "When the doctors saw the scans, they just said" Wow ". They were really startled by the size, ”said Olivia. The cyst was larger than a baby and weighed over three pounds. "It was the size of a watermelon," said the teenager.

The patient is completely healthy again today
“When I found out that it was cancer, I was totally shocked. I never thought I could get something life threatening at seventeen, ”said Olivia. "The cyst was so big that I thought it could burst like a balloon at any time - I was constantly afraid that the cancer could spread all over the body." But the young woman was lucky. The doctors at St. James Hospital in Leeds were able to remove the tumor together with the cyst, the cancer had not spread. When she was told that the cancer was over and she was completely healthy, it was "the best Christmas present".

Fertility was not affected by the cancer
Just a few weeks after the operation, Olivia was so fit again that she managed an 11 km hike. The treating surgeon, Dr. Richard Hutson also assured her that fertility was not affected by the cancer and that she could have children. Katherine Taylor of the "Ovarian Cancer Action" added in the "Sun": "Although ovarian cancer risk is relatively rare in young women, it is important that all women are aware of the symptoms."

Warning sign of ovarian cancer
According to the Charité Women's Clinic in Berlin, there are some early warning signs. These include bleeding outside the menstrual period or after the menopause, apparently unexplained stomach pain or indigestion, unexplained weight loss, increased abdominal circumference, fatigue and exhaustion. The experts point out that all of these symptoms can of course also have harmless causes. However, they recommend seeing a gynecologist for clarification if one or more symptoms appear. For women over the age of 50, an additional ultrasound examination of the ovaries is recommended. Due to the mortality rate, ovarian cancer is sometimes classified as more dangerous than breast cancer. (ad)

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