Serious flu vaccine fraud: Pediatrician sentenced to 18 months probation

Serious flu vaccine fraud: Pediatrician sentenced to 18 months probation

Doctors collect money for fake data
A 67-year-old pediatrician was sentenced to a suspended sentence of one and a half years by the Fulda District Court for fraud in two cases. As the regional court informed in a current press release, the doctor had wrongly received almost 73,000 euros from a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The doctor wanted to have the drug tested scientifically - but instead of reliable data, the doctor sent the results he had made up himself.

Pharmaceutical manufacturer pays almost 73,000 euros for drug study
The district court of Fulda has sentenced a pediatrician from Petersberg (Hesse) to a suspended sentence of 18 months. The man had received around 72,700 euros from a pharmaceutical company and was supposed to conduct a scientific survey in his practice on a previously unapproved flu vaccine. The 67-year-old defendant undertook to provide the parents with diaries for this study, which should document the children's response to the vaccination.

Doctor uses children's data from patient registry
But the doctor apparently did not comply, but instead transmits fake results to the drug manufacturer. According to the judge of the district court in Fulda, it has been proven that the man was wrongly given the money in 2009 and 2010. The delivery of self-invented data therefore represents a particularly serious case of fraud, explained the presiding judge Joachim Becker in his reasoning for the judgment: "By doing so, the defendant, with the intention of deception, pretended to properly conduct the test study," said the regional court.

According to a report by the news agency "dpa", the pediatrician had admitted that he simply entered names from his patient register in the documentation and that the results were freely made up. The study was about a seasonal flu vaccine that is already approved for adults and should now be tested for its tolerability in children. The manufacturer himself got the case rolling after becoming suspicious of the logs.

Personal injury cannot be clearly demonstrated
Finally, doctors had to answer to the regional court for fraud, and there was also a prosecution charge for assault in 75 cases. The man was accused of treating the children with the flu drug without the parents' knowledge. However, the case had to be stopped on this point because it could not be clarified whether the accused actually carried out drug tests on children, the "dpa" continued.

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