Always store beer cool: the blonde quickly goes bad

Always store beer cool: the blonde quickly goes bad

A cool beer at the end of a long summer day - for many this is the epitome of refreshing enjoyment. Proper storage is a prerequisite for this.

Sworn beer fans rely on a "freshly tapped". For domestic use, there are kegs with a volume of five liters (in the Rhineland »Pittermännchen«) or so-called KEGs (English: barrel) with a volume of up to 20 liters. However, proper tapping must be practiced: neither beer nor carbon dioxide may be lost. On the safe side and also at short notice and armed for different tastes you are with bottled beer. This dominates the beer market in Germany thanks to its low price and good availability.

Regardless of whether it is sold in a barrel or in a bottle - beer is a purely natural product and therefore only has a limited shelf life; in closed containers up to six months. The older a beer gets, the more it changes in taste.

The ideal storage place for beer barrels or plastic crates with bottles is a dark cellar with a stable room temperature between four and seven degrees Celsius. Canned beer can be stored for significantly longer. This was stabilized and pasteurized before bottling and is therefore less sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The best before date (best before date) on the respective packaging indicates when it is possible to consume beer without loss of quality or impairment. Signs of loss of quality are stale taste, musty aroma or a little carbon dioxide.

The optimal drinking temperature is five to eight, but a maximum of ten degrees. Beer definitely has no business in the freezer - not even for last-minute cooling. Beer is best chilled in the fridge. For an excursion or for transport, the bottles or cans are wrapped in newspaper. So the hopped keeps cool for a long time. There is nothing to prevent the big party from filling the bathtub with cold water and ice and keeping the bottles cool.

If you want to enjoy your barley juice from the glass, you should take some time to pour it out. Only when the drink is allowed to flow evenly from the tap or bottle into the slightly slanted glass does a light layer of fairly firm and stable foam form on top - the popular crown. (Eva Neumann, aid)

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