Naturopathy for headaches sustainable

Naturopathy for headaches sustainable

If the head pounds and pains with every movement, those affected usually need help immediately. Many then take the pain pill so as not to be restricted in everyday life. If you want to do without medication, naturopathic measures can help, which can help with acute pain. If you want to prevent headaches or migraines in the long term, alternative healing methods such as Chinese medicine can help.

Increasing foot bath for acute headaches
If you suffer from a severe headache, you should try an increasing foot bath. Place a bucket in the bathtub and fill it with warm water up to the knee. Gradually let hot water run on, always so much that the temperature is just bearable. Dry legs after 20 minutes and rest covered.

Acupressure often helps immediately
Acupressure also helps. “Acupuncture points without needles are stimulated by pressing, also combined with circular movements or with pushing and stroking,” explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, chief physician at the Clinic at Steigerwald and expert in Chinese medicine and biological healing processes. "This helps to clear blockages and treat headaches." Points 3E3a and Ni1 are particularly suitable (see Fig.). Alternative medicine uses 100 different points for acupuncture with needles. Because for them, headache isn't just headache. Complaints that are apparently the same can have completely different causes. Only a professional Chinese diagnosis allows the effective points to be selected.

Lemon wrap on the feet
A lemon wrap on the feet is also able to relieve headaches. To do this, wrap lemon slices in a paper towel and tie them to the soles of the feet with a triangular cloth. If warmth is pleasant, a hot water bottle can also be placed under the feet. The lemon is absorbed through the skin into the feet, stimulates the foot reflex zones and the headache is relieved. Remove after half an hour and rub with a little oil.

Lavender headbands have a relaxing effect
Lavender headbands for external use also help against headaches. They have an antispasmodic and relaxing effect. Fill a cotton bag with lavender flowers and drizzle with essential lavender oil from the pharmacy. Fix the sachet where it is comfortable and where the pain is most acute.

Long-term therapy with Chinese medicine
If you want to do something against headaches or migraines in the long term, the Chinese medicine concept can help. For them, cold remnants, too much stress, digestive problems or disorders of the female cycle stand in the background of the disease. With Chinese medicine therapy, these causes can be treated well. This makes it possible, for example, to reduce the frequency of attacks with migraines and to activate self-healing powers. "Chinese medicine stands for individually tailored therapies and a holistic perspective," says Dr. Schmincke. According to a study, around 80% of patients still benefit from it two years after therapy. Body therapies and healthy nutrition support healing processes.

Acupressure points 3E3a and Ni1
Kidney 1A acupuncture point 3A 3a3E3a - this is the name of an acupuncture point on the back of the left hand, which can provide relief for headaches. It is a painful point. He "frees the head" and patiently massaging this point takes a headache.

The acupuncture point Ni 1 also relieves pain in headaches. To do this, massage it vigorously with a little olive or sesame oil. Then rest on your feet with a prepared hot water bottle. (pm)

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