No adequate treatment - children are often not operated on by pediatric surgeons

No adequate treatment - children are often not operated on by pediatric surgeons

Optimal care for children at risk of surgery
Surgical interventions on children often have special challenges that actually require special technical training. However, "a large part of the operations for minors in Germany are not performed by pediatric surgeons, but by adult surgeons," according to the current report from the Frankfurt University Hospital. The optimal care of the children during operations therefore appears to be insufficiently ensured.

Although the specialist societies warn against performing surgeries on minors without special pediatric training, many surgeries are performed on children by adult surgeons. According to the University Clinic in Frankfurt, children have to be “operated differently from adults” because their illnesses differ from those of adults, they react differently to treatments and anatomical peculiarities have to be taken into account. In Germany today, a very high proportion of children are not adequately treated during operations.

Specific training is urgently required
The surgical interventions for minors "require a separate operative procedure for which specific training is urgently required," warns the University Hospital Frankfurt in its current press release. To date, according to the figures from the Federal Statistical Office, “around a quarter of infants, a third of young children (one to five years), more than half of school children (five to ten years) and more than two thirds of adolescents (ten to 15 Years) operated by surgeons not specially trained for these age groups, that is, not by pediatric surgeons. ”This does not adequately guarantee the optimal care for those affected.

Certificate for the training of pediatric surgeons
In view of the existing shortage of qualified pediatric surgeons, the University Clinic in Frankfurt is committed to the training of pediatric surgeons and received the European UEMS certificate (European Union of Medical Specialists) last year. According to the university hospital, very strict criteria have to be met for the certificate, which enables Europe to train pediatric surgeons, such as a specified minimum number of index operations and assistant doctors, the necessary equipment in the specialist laboratories and the scientific library, fixed training paths for assistant doctors and much more . The University Clinic Frankfurt is currently the only continuing education center in Germany that has been awarded the UEMS certificate.

More than 1,000 operations a year
The treatment spectrum of Frankfurt University Medical Pediatric Surgery encompasses numerous specialist disciplines. According to the university clinic, these range from “the operative care of congenital malformations, newborn surgery, childhood visceral surgery, childhood oncological surgery and pediatric urology to the surgery of vascular deformities and childhood hemangiomas - so-called blood sponges on the skin.” More than that A thousand such operations are performed in Frankfurt every year. At the clinic, "by far the most congenital malformations in the Hesse region and almost all childhood tumors" are treated, according to the information from the university hospital. Another focus is the therapy of children with special urological diseases, for example the congenital urinary transport disorder. (fp)

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