Accused: Wrong doctor allegedly treated passengers on cruise ship

Accused: Wrong doctor allegedly treated passengers on cruise ship

Nurses treat vacationers and crew members
A nurse from Berlin is said to have pretended to be a doctor for years and treated dozens of passengers and crew members on a cruise ship. This is reported by the news agency "dpa", citing the press spokeswoman for the Berlin criminal courts. According to this, the man would be accused of various cases of physical injury, fraud and forgery of documents. The Berlin public prosecutor has now brought charges against the 40-year-old.

Dozens of patients treated on the high seas
A wrong doctor may have practiced on a cruise ship for years. The 40-year-old from Berlin was accused of treating dozens of passengers and crew members between June 2014 and November 2015 as an alleged ship's doctor, according to the "dpa". Now the public prosecutor has charged the trained nurse, who according to the authority is currently in custody.

Indictment for more than 80 acts
The court spokeswoman Lisa Jani announced on Tuesday that the alleged fraudster was charged with 81 crimes in total, 63 of which were due to bodily harm. In addition, the man was accused of fraud, forgery of documents and the unauthorized conduct of an academic degree, according to the press spokeswoman. The wrong doctor is said to have received € 7,500 a month from a shipping company for his "treatments" on board.

Again and again cases with wrong doctors
However, the story of the 40-year-old from Berlin is not an isolated phenomenon. Cases in which laypeople act as doctors and treat patients are becoming known again and again. For example, a man from Saxony-Anhalt was remanded in custody in 2014 after it was revealed that he had presented himself as a medical doctor in Lower Saxony. In the United States, an adolescent even managed to pretend to be a doctor and fooled employees and security staff of a Florida hospital. The teenager “worked” disguised as a doctor in the clinic for weeks until he was finally exposed by a colleague. (No)

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