Diet: beer in salad and breading

Diet: beer in salad and breading

The barley juice is also a refined ingredient
Beer is not just for drinking, it is also an excellent ingredient in the kitchen. Cleverly used, it underlines the taste and character of the products.
The beer soup was a classic 100 years ago and has since developed a lot in individual regions and households. Sometimes it is cooked with beef broth and fried onions, sometimes with vegetable broth and bread cubes, sometimes with milk and raisins and sometimes with egg white balls and cinnamon. The recipes for beer sauces for roast pork of all kinds are likely to be just as varied.

But beer doesn't only have its place in the home kitchen. In the modern, light kitchen has been experimenting with the barley juice for several years. The Pils comes in the broth for young vegetables or refines the cream sauce for fish. The spicy darkness gives the grill marinade an intense aroma. With a dash of wheat, the salad dressing becomes summery and sparkling. And the bitter malt beer goes well with the sauce as a pepper steak. Our Belgian neighbors provide plenty of culinary inspiration. For them, »Stoofvlees« - beef braised in dark strong beer - or mussels in Gueuze beer are considered specialties.

In baked goods, the carbon dioxide of beer acts as a natural leavening agent. Beer breads and beer batter take advantage of this. Chicken fillets, cauliflower florets and apple rings can be fried in equal measure in a smooth dough made of flour, eggs and mild beer.

The possibilities of barley juice are far from exhausted with food. Mixed drinks and cocktails with beer are currently entering the catering trade. With just a few ingredients, the direction of the Pils and Co. is changed and an unusual drink is created in between: With gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup, the wheat beer becomes a lively cocktail. A creamy and fruity beer colada can be mixed from Kölsch, pineapple juice and coconut syrup. And an export gets Mediterranean flair with cassis and port wine. (Eva Neumann, aid)

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