Suspected billing fraud: police raid on physiotherapists

Suspected billing fraud: police raid on physiotherapists

Investigators search the suspects' practice rooms
The police raided several physiotherapy facilities and a doctor's office as part of a large-scale raid. The background to the use is the suspicion of accounting fraud. As reported by the Dresden public prosecutor's office, the four suspects are said to have read the data of legally insured patients and, without their knowledge, to have issued remedies and to account for services that have not been performed.

Police searched 14 objects in Saxony
The public prosecutor's office in Dresden attacked several physiotherapists and a doctor early Wednesday morning with a large police force. According to the Dresden public prosecutor's office, a total of fourteen objects were searched, including the therapists' treatment rooms and a doctor's office in Dresden and Heidenau (Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains). Accordingly, more than 120 officers were involved in the operation, in which a large number of documents and evidence-relevant data were secured.

Services not performed billed?
According to the information, the raid was carried out as part of an investigation by the public prosecutor's office regarding billing fraud against health insurers. The four suspects, aged between 45 and 60, are suspected of having read the data of patients insured under the law since at least 2010. Without the knowledge of the patient, prescriptions for medicines were then issued by the doctor and services that were not performed via the physiotherapy practices were billed. The law enforcement agency has announced that the exact number of offenses and the exact amount of damage are not yet known. The investigation would now be carried out for fraud in accordance with §§ 263 StGB.

Pediatrician falsifies study results
The district court in Fulda recently sentenced a doctor to 18 months' probation for fraud. The 67-year-old pediatrician from Petersberg (Hesse) had received almost 73,000 euros from a pharmaceutical manufacturer to carry out a scientific survey on a flu vaccine. But the doctor did not comply with the agreements and consistently delivered fake results. (No)

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