The highest quality mozzarella cheese is usually available from discounters

The highest quality mozzarella cheese is usually available from discounters

For mozzarella, expensive doesn't mean better
Many people love mozzarella, whether pure with tomato or on pizza. Most people buy cow's milk mozzarella, as this is the cheaper alternative to traditional gourmet cheese made from buffalo milk. The Stiftung Warentest has now tested the cheese and came to a surprising result: if you expect good quality white cheese balls, you don't have to spend a lot of money - the best mozzarella is available from the discounter.

Is only the expensive cheese good?
Whether for pizza, pasta or as a "caprese" with tomato, olive oil and basil: Mozzarella is very popular in Germany and is processed regularly by many amateur chefs. In many kitchens the assumption persists that only expensive cheese is really good. Is that correct? The Stiftung Warentest has currently tested 16 cow's milk mozzarellas and four made from buffalo milk and came to an interesting result: consumers can get the best products from discounters.

Experts examine 20 products made from cow and buffalo milk
According to a recent press release from Stiftung Warentest, all but two of the 16 cow's milk mozzarellas were rated "good", five even achieved a "very good" in the sensory test. The five best products came from the discounter and cost between 55 and 89 cents per 125-gram pack. Four Aldi products (e.g. "Casale Fresco Mozzarella Classico" by Aldi Nord or "Cucina Mozzarella Classico" by Aldi Süd) and the "Mondo Italiano" by Netto were the test winners. An organic product, on the other hand, received only “sufficient” from the testers, because according to the information, this was “just about to become inedible”, the message said.

Overall, quality has improved significantly
The testers also examined four buffalo milk mozzarella. Here, two products also only achieved “sufficient” because a high level of enterobacteria was detected. These are part of the intestinal flora of humans and animals and can get into the cheese during production if hygiene deficiencies exist. Overall, however, the quality of mozzarellas has improved significantly, the foundation emphasizes. Around eleven years ago, the experts had already checked the popular specialty and found an increased content of conspicuous germs in every second product.

Taste best at room temperature
If you like to eat mozzarella, the experts should get it out of the fridge in good time, since it tastes best at room temperature. To make sure that the cheese is not yet spoiled, a look at the package helps: If it is inflated, the mozzarella has either been stored for too long or has been badly cooled and is therefore no longer edible. After opening, it is also advisable to use up the cheese as much as possible. If a rest is to be kept, it must be stored cool and covered in its brine. (No)

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