Deodorant tester: only half actually protects against the smell of sweat

Deodorant tester: only half actually protects against the smell of sweat

Stiftung Warentest takes a close look at 16 deodorants for men
Unpleasant smell of sweat and sweaty T-shirts are hardly considered “male” by anyone today. That is why deodorant is now also part of the normal “equipment” in the bathroom for men, as is the toothbrush and shower gel. But what the scooters and sprays in advertising promise, they often fail to meet in everyday life. The Stiftung Warentest examined 16 men's deodorants and came to the conclusion that only seven of the products are really recommendable.

Advertising promises reliable long-term protection
Whether for men or women: Deodorants are a practical invention because they help against the smell of sweat and unpleasant dark spots under the armpits. But deodorants for men often promise extra reliable protection against sweat stains and a long-lasting seductive fragrance in advertising. But in reality it looks very different. Because, as the Stiftung Warentest reports, some products do not achieve a good grade on closer inspection.

Aluminum compounds in cosmetics are considered controversial
The foundation had examined a total of 16 products for men. Eight of them were "normal" deodorants, the other half were so-called "antiperspirants", which reduce the activity of the sweat glands using substances such as aluminum chloride and thereby reduce the amount of sweat. Critics have long been warning of a health risk from aluminum in deodorants, as this is always suspected, e.g. damage the nervous system or have a carcinogenic effect.

Classic brand sprays perform best
The testers checked how well the products worked in terms of sweat odor and amount of sweat and also carefully examined the ingredients. Each agent was used by 20 male volunteers for 14 days under the control of the test institute. The result: The experts were able to award the mark "good" seven times, five of them to the antiperspirants. The “Nivea Men Dry Impact Plus” was the test winner, closely followed by the discount products from Lidl and Aldi. The antiperspirant from "L’Oréal", on the other hand, only achieved a "sufficient" in this group, because it had little effect and was only able to stop the sweat formation to a limited extent.

In the case of conventional deodorants without aluminum salts, the "Ax Dark Temptation Deodorant Body Spray" and the "Nivea Men Fresh Active" received a "good" rating from the testers, the "Deodorant Spray Bio Ginkgo & Caffeine" from Logona performed the worst. The relatively expensive pharmacy product from “Vichy” only achieved a “satisfactory” rating.

Do not use armpit sprays with aluminum salts on broken skin
In order to protect yourself reliably against sweat and body odor, it is advisable to wash and dry the armpit thoroughly before using a deodorant. Because the products work best on clean skin, according to the Stiftung Warentest. In order to avoid skin irritation, aluminum-containing sprays should not be sprayed on freshly shaved or broken skin. If you still do not want to do without smooth skin and want to continue using the sweat-regulating sprays, it is best to shave in the evening before going to sleep. Then the skin can regenerate overnight and is less sensitive to the ingredients. According to the foundation, a look at the list of ingredients helps to identify armpit sprays without aluminum salts. Because all aluminum compounds such as aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum sesquichlorohydrate must be listed here. (No)

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