French cheese recall campaign launched - Bacteria detection in Roquefort

French cheese recall campaign launched - Bacteria detection in Roquefort

Manufacturer starts recall for Roquefort cheese due to E. coli bacteria
Due to the detection of verotoxin-forming Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria, the manufacturer Vernières Frères has launched a recall campaign for its blue cheese Roquefort. Affected is the cheese with the product name "Grand Maitre Roquefort AOP 100g", the best before date June 25, 2016 and the LOS label 151.032. Cheese that has already been bought should not be consumed, according to the manufacturer's notification, as otherwise there is a risk of health problems.

In the "Grand Maitre Roquefort AOP 100g" of the batch mentioned "verotoxin-forming E. coli (Stx1 gene) were found during an examination, which can probably cause health problems when consumed," reports the manufacturer Vernières Frères. The product had been put on the market across Germany through different sales channels, according to the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety on its portal "". Cheese already purchased should not be consumed. However, the manufacturer's communication does not indicate how a return can be made against a refund of the purchase price.

The detection of verotoxin-forming E. coli in food is a serious risk, because with the treatment of the corresponding infections with antibiotics, more verotoxin is released and serious complications can occur. Drug treatment is therefore often only possible to a limited extent. (fp)

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