Researchers: Yoga and aqua fitness alleviate MS symptoms

Researchers: Yoga and aqua fitness alleviate MS symptoms

Yoga and aquafit have a positive effect on MS symptoms
According to a new study, yoga and aquafit have positive effects on certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). According to this, patients with such an exercise program suffered less from fatigue, depression and skin tingling.

Multiple sclerosis is still incurable
Experts say multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system in Central Europe, with women about twice as likely to be affected as men. Despite intensive research, the disease is still considered to be incurable. Nevertheless, researchers are cautiously optimistic about the future. Thanks to new drugs, MS is becoming more and more controllable. In addition, research showed that multiple sclerosis can be slowed down with the right diet. Recently, scientists from various research institutions reported in the journal Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry that increased coffee consumption can reduce the risk of developing MS by up to 30 percent. Swiss and Iranian researchers have now found that physical activity can positively influence certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Yoga and aquafit reduce some MS symptoms
As the scientists from the University and the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel with Iranian colleagues have been able to demonstrate, patients who practice yoga and aquafit suffer less from fatigue, depression and skin tingling. They have now published their results in the specialist magazine "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise". MS is a chronically progressive autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system affects areas of nerve tissue, the University of Basel wrote in a press release. Possible consequences of this are movement disorders. Other typical symptoms are “fatigue”, ie when chronic fatigue becomes pathological, depression and paraesthesia (tingling in the limbs) such as tingling, itching and numbness of the skin.

Fatigue and depression decreased significantly
In a trial, the researchers from Basel and Kermanshah (Iran) showed that these symptoms improved significantly after eight weeks of intervention with yoga and aquafit: According to this, fatigue, depression and paraesthesia decreased significantly after three times a week of training compared to the control group. The physically inactive group was 35 times more likely to experience moderate to severe depression than the groups doing yoga or aquafit.

Physical training as a supplement to standard treatments
A total of 54 women diagnosed with MS with an average age of 34 years participated in the study in three groups: with yoga, aquafit or no physical activity. The subjects had to fill out questionnaires about the symptoms before and after the intervention. Their existing therapies - for example with drugs that influence immune regulation - remained unchanged during the study. "Physical training in MS should be considered as a supplement to standard treatments in the future," the researchers write. The study involved the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Iran, the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel (Center for Affective, Stress and Sleep Disorders) and the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health at the University of Basel. (ad)

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