Headache: Quick help when the skull is buzzing

Headache: Quick help when the skull is buzzing

Bremen Chamber of Pharmacists on the right treatment for headaches
About 70 percent of all Germans occasionally suffer from headaches, and one in ten is even affected weekly. "However, headache is not the same as headache," says Dr. Richard Klämbt, President of the Bremen Chamber of Pharmacists. “Most people have tension headaches. But migraines and cluster headaches are also possible. Furthermore, there is the impairment from the misuse of drugs as a cause of headache. "

Headaches are uncomfortable and painful. But who would have known that there are 250 different species? These are divided into two groups: primary and secondary headaches. "With primary headaches, the disease is pain itself. Because the system is inherited, sufferers often suffer from migraines or tension headaches," explains Klämbt. Headache as a side effect of flu or sinus infection belongs to the second group. This also includes the suffering caused by misuse of medication, high blood pressure or meningitis. "The difference between the two forms is very important for the treatment," said the President of the Chamber. Pain relievers would not bring relief in some cases.

Different treatment options
Anyone suffering from migraines needs targeted treatment from a doctor. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, patients can also get pain relievers such as triptans without a prescription in the pharmacy. However, recurrent cold or hormone-related headache, complaints with diseases of the cervical spine or cluster headache should be clarified with the family doctor. The latter, in particular, requires medical treatment, as it is a rare, sudden headache disease with one-sided, very severe pain attacks in the temples and eyes. “Most of the cases, however, are tension headaches that occur occasionally. Characteristic of this is a pressing or pulling pain in the whole head. The pain can be treated quickly and easily, ”says Klämbt. Fresh air or a compensation for the lack of fluids by drinking plenty of fluids can also help.

Over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen, acetylsalicylic acid or paracetamol, on the other hand, are suitable for the treatment of mild complaints, but combination products that can additionally contain caffeine are also available in pharmacies. The selection of a suitable drug should always be patient-specific, and "in principle, the drugs should not be taken for more than three days in a row," warns the pharmacist. "If the headache is still present afterwards, a visit to the doctor makes sense."

Get to the bottom of the cause
In order to do something about headaches in general, changing your previous lifestyle can help. For example, avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. Regular and, above all, even sleep also brings the necessary rest to the body - as does the reduction of stress. "A headache diary can be useful to find out exactly when and in what context the symptoms occur," said Klämbt. This could include too many appointments as well as permanent noise pollution, family conflicts or certain foods. (pm)

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