Asthma: Incorrect inhalation techniques hinder disease control

Asthma: Incorrect inhalation techniques hinder disease control

Proper use of inhalers is crucial for asthma control
In the case of asthma, a relatively good control of the symptoms is possible with appropriate medication, but the asthma control depends on the correct inhalation of the prescribed medication, according to the "Ärzte Zeitung". Instructions for learning inhalation technology and lots of other information have now been made available online by the specialist journal.

The multimedia module "Lung in Need" of the "Ärzte Zeitung" is intended to teach patients and doctors the right techniques for inhaling. Because the control of the disease requires correct handling of the inhaler. The module also offers, for example, information for doctors regarding the differential diagnosis between asthma and COPD.

Problems with asthma therapy
"Many asthma patients are affected in their daily lives despite therapy," reports the "Ärzte Zeitung". For the treating physicians, it is important that patients talk to them about problems in connection with the therapy, and the multimedia module, which was activated for World Asthma Day on May 3, is already helping here. In short films, the 42-year-old asthma patient Sabine as the main character reports on her experience as an asthma patient with diagnostics and therapy. Your problems will likely also affect many other people. For example, she reports that proper training is required for asthma therapy and that practice can only make it perfect - especially when using the asthma device correctly.

Inhale tips
However, the new information module also provides tips to support the correct use of inhalers. With the "10 tips for the right inhalation" many mistakes can be avoided from the start. For example, there was an important appeal: "Before use, make sure that the device still contains enough active ingredient," says the "Ärzte Zeitung". Patients are also asked to remove the protective cap before use and to ensure that the nozzle in the mouthpiece is not blocked. With videos, soundtracks, checklists and a lot of information about asthma, the new online module is intended to provide comprehensive support for those affected.

Differential diagnosis COPD and asthma
Different symbols in the module also indicate which information has been created specifically for doctors and which has been created for both doctors and their patients, explains the "Ärzte Zeitung". For doctors, for example, the information on differential diagnostics is particularly worth reading. The differentiation between asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is not always easy in adults. However, the causes, treatment and prognosis of the two clinical pictures differ significantly from one another. For this reason, the doctors in the module are reminded of the typical signs of asthma and COPD, such as the seizure-like shortness of breath in asthma, which initially only occurs during exercise in COPD. The simultaneous presence of an allergy is also typical of asthma. Furthermore, the new module provides information on the "asthma-COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS), a mixed form of both diseases", reports the "Ärzte Zeitung". (fp)

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