Pollen count: Every sneeze attack poses a significant risk of accident

Pollen count: Every sneeze attack poses a significant risk of accident

Pollen allergy and hay fever: sneezing attacks pose a risk of accidents
Drivers who suffer from hay fever can endanger themselves and other road users. The typical sneezing attacks can distract allergy sufferers from driving. Some tips can help protect yourself better from the pollen.

Sneezing fits into a security risk
According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), hay fever is one of the most common allergic diseases. In addition to the stuffy or runny and itchy nose, sufferers experience symptoms such as watery and itchy eyes, fatigue or sleep disorders. In addition, pollen allergy is characterized by the recurring sneezing attacks. These are not only annoying, but can - for road users - become a security risk. Again and again experts warn of the dangerous sneezing attacks at the wheel. The TÜV Thuringia recommends drivers in a current message not to underestimate the dangers of a sneeze.

A second of exposure
“This can be dangerous, because every sneeze we reflexively close our eyes for about a second. During this time, almost 14 meters were covered blindly in city traffic. In a traffic-calmed 30 km / h zone, there are at least two car lengths that the driver rolls without any visual perception. It's unthinkable if a child crosses the road at this very moment, ”says Achmed Reader, accident expert from TÜV Thüringen. Since a sneeze is difficult to suppress, this one second of exposure can in the worst case decide about life and death. Reader recommends allergy sufferers to prepare well for the pollen season. “Anyone who is allergic to pollen should always maintain the filters of the air conditioning and ventilation systems in the vehicle regularly and have the filters replaced early. An added pollen filter has virtually no effect, ”said the expert.

Thoroughly clean the car more often when pollen is flying
“The windows on the vehicle should remain closed, especially when driving out of town. It is advantageous to set the air conditioning system to the recirculation function, ”explains Reader. The expert has yet another tip on how drivers can protect themselves from pollen: Clean the vehicle more often when pollen is flying. “The interior in particular now needs regular cleaning. It is not enough just to vacuum the car, and the interior surface, such as the dashboard, center console and door trim, should often be dusted with a damp cloth, ”says Lesher.

Avoid driving during the main pollen season
For traffic safety, it would of course be best if allergy sufferers avoided driving as much as possible during the main pollen season. In any case, those affected are advised to travel to regions with or without pollen if possible during this time. Regardless of whether you are a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian: In addition to medication, allergy sufferers can usually also help with home remedies for hay fever. Various methods such as acupuncture, autologous blood therapy or hypnosis are available to combat or alleviate the symptoms. (ad)

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