Bitten shark: patient with shark on forearm admitted to the clinic

Bitten shark: patient with shark on forearm admitted to the clinic

23-year-old woman comes to the hospital with a shark on her arm
When a woman with a shark on her arm comes to the hospital: what sounds like the beginning of a bad joke has become reality in Florida. There, a small nurse shark bit into the forearm of a 23-year-old and initially could not be removed - even when he was dead.

Small shark clings to young woman
In the US state of Florida, a young woman was brought to a clinic after a shark attack - while the animal was still on her arm. According to media reports, the small, half-meter long nurse shark had bitten into the 23-year-old's right forearm and could not be removed even after he was killed. "I've never seen anything like it," Clint Tracy of the Boca Raton emergency services told the Sun Sentinel newspaper. Nurse sharks, which can be over four meters long, are not uncommon on Florida's Atlantic coast. They feed on fish or shellfish.

Animal was irritated before the attack
Witnesses reported that the young woman irritated the little nurse shark in the shallow water and held on to the tail before attacking and biting. According to "Sentinel Sun", a young boy said: "Sharks are human-friendly creatures. They would never bite unless you annoyed them. ”The bitten woman was calm at first, but then got excited on the beach when the animal could not be removed. When the emergency services arrived, they initially supplied the young victim with oxygen, the medic Tracy reported. Then she was placed on a stretcher and transported to the ambulance. The shark was supported on the arm by a board.

Shark attack saves man's life
A brochure from the National Park Service explains why the shark didn't let go of the woman. "The bite reflex is such that it can take a few minutes for a nurse shark to relax again and release its tormentor." The information for visitors to Florida waters further says: "The small teeth seldom penetrate deeply, but are razor-sharp A few months ago, another bizarre shark raid was reported that saved a patient's life.

As it was said at the time, after a collision with a shark in California waters, a man had to seek medical attention, which found internal injuries to the chest cavity. In addition, the doctors found a small "walnut-sized" tumor in his right kidney during the examination. According to US media, the man said the shark attack was "a sign". The cancer would otherwise have "remained undetected". (ad)

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