New law against corrupt doctors passed - even prison possible

New law against corrupt doctors passed - even prison possible

Severe sanctions against corruption in health care decided
After the Bundestag, the Federal Council has now also passed a law against corruption in the healthcare system. In the future, doctors will face not only a fine if they are bribed, but also prison if necessary.

Healthcare Corruption Law
Doctors who can be bribed will face severe punishments in the future. The Federal Council now approved the law against corruption in the healthcare system passed by the Bundestag in April. In a communication, it says: “On May 13, 2016, the Federal Council gave the green light for the introduction of two new criminal offenses. Doctors or other health professionals who are bribed for the preferred prescription of certain medicines, medicines or aids must expect up to three years in prison in the future. "

Maximum sentence of five years
It is also reported: “In particularly severe cases, a maximum sentence of five years is provided. The same penalties threaten pharmaceutical representatives who promise doctors in return that they prefer their medicines. ”According to experts, the new draft closes a legal loophole that the Federal Court of Justice had criticized years ago. With the previous regulations, private doctors could not be prosecuted for corruption. But not everyone is satisfied with the planned innovations: The statutory health insurance companies believe that some of the regulations in the government draft have been weakened.

Fraud by pharmacists and in care
Healthcare corruption and fraud are certainly not new. In the past there were particularly indications of accounting fraud with so-called remedies such as physiotherapy, physiotherapy or massages. For example, billions of dollars of damage caused by accounting fraud in nursing have recently been reported. And it was announced a few days ago that public prosecutors in several federal states are investigating pharmacists' fraud worth millions. According to media reports, the health insurance companies are cheated with so-called "air prescriptions" in the millions. The organization Transparency Germany estimates the damage caused by fraud and corruption with medicinal products to a total of 680 million to 2.72 billion euros per year. (ad)

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