Buying groceries online: what to look for?

Buying groceries online: what to look for?

Buying groceries at the click of a mouse saves a lot of time and the annoying dragging of bags and water boxes. Working people in cities in particular appreciate the delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables to their doorstep. However, many are skeptical as to whether they can trust the quality of the products. Because food cannot be tested and returned.

In principle, the online provider must deliver the goods in an appropriate condition. It has to meet average requirements, explains the magazine Deutsche Anwaltsauskunft. Since people's preferences are different, empirical values ​​apply. Bananas may have brown spots, but apples may not have any bad spots. A moldy fruit in a bowl of strawberries is no reason for complaint. However, if the vegetables are rotten, the customer does not have to accept the goods.
Ultimately, the dealer's general terms and conditions are crucial. Here are the rights and obligations of the provider and buyer.

If, for example, the shopping portal offers bananas at different ripeness levels, it must also adhere to them. However, special requests that are specified during the ordering process do not necessarily have to be fulfilled. When the retailers deliver drinks, they usually take back the empties. However, they may only accept their own box and not larger quantities.

Another point is the delivery, which usually takes place in a time window of several hours. If the consumer is not found, he may still have to pay or at least bear part of the cost. Other shopping portals meet the customer and he can make a second appointment. If the supplier arrives too late or not at all, the consumer can withdraw from the contract.

The conclusion: online shopping has many (especially temporal) advantages. But especially with fresh fruit and vegetables, he cannot replace the selection with all senses. (Heike Kreutz, aid)

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