Health: What really helps against cystitis

Health: What really helps against cystitis

Urologist explains the most important tips against common bladder infection
Inflammation of the bladder is often associated with cold, but many people also contract it in the summer months. Affected people then often take antibiotics. However, simple natural remedies can often alleviate the symptoms. An urologist has important information on the topic in an interview.

Bladder infections mainly affect women
Even if the disease is usually associated with the cold season, you can catch a bladder infection even in summer. Typical signs of a disease are especially urinary symptoms, such as burning and pain. Men can also get sick, but health experts say that up to 95 of those affected are female. Almost every second woman suffers from cystitis at least once in her life. The painful urinary tract infection keeps recurring in quite a few. Then it is important to know what will help with cystitis. In a report by the media portal "", the spokesman for the professional association of German urologists, Dr. Wolfgang Bühmann, important information on the topic.

Cold floors and wet swimwear can promote inflammation
According to the expert, there is no chronic cystitis. However, the inflammation can be recurrent, doctors call it "recurrent". It mainly affects women, an estimated ten million in Germany. When asked about the causes, Bühmann replies: “What is particularly relevant is a local immunodeficiency, for which some are particularly susceptible. For example, you sit on a cold stone or a wall, there is hypothermia, the blood flow in the pelvic area decreases and the local defense is weakened, the bacteria that can lead to cystitis can multiply. "

But not only cold soils can catch the bladder cold. Starting wet bathing suits and swimming trunks after swimming can also promote bladder infection. Intestinal germs such as E.coli often cause the inflammation. Among other things, these can get into the urethra due to incorrect cleaning after bowel movements. When it comes to sensible intimate hygiene, some tips should be observed. In this context, health experts repeatedly point out the principle “from front to back”. Bühmann explains: "It has to be wiped away from the genital area, i.e. from bottom to top, not the other way around."

Cystitis after sexual intercourse
According to Buhmann, the transmission of bacteria during intercourse from man to woman almost never occurs. If a woman develops a bladder infection after sex, it is often suspected that the man is an affair. But cheating is not the cause. Since bacteria are transported from the vagina towards the urethra by the mechanical movement, it does not matter whether a condom is used or not when it comes to cystitis. The urologist advises women to urinate after traffic. This prevents the bacteria from sticking to the urethra. In addition, according to the doctor, there is a prescription drug that can be taken after sex.

The expert assesses natural products such as cranberries, pumpkin seeds and the like rather critically: "The effectiveness is only proven for very few substances that can be obtained in the pharmacy without a prescription," says Bühmann. “The only over-the-counter substance that has been shown to be effective is mustard oils. They are made from horseradish and nasturtium. ”Great hopes are also placed in the so-called D-mannose. Studies have already shown the first successes achieved with this natural sugar.

It doesn't always have to be antibiotics
So it doesn't always have to be an antibiotic. Antibiotics are prescribed far too often anyway. In many cases, simple home remedies for cystitis help. For example, 80 percent of bladder infections would heal within a week if they had plenty of fluids and heat. In the case of extremely severe pain, flank pain or blood in the urine, a doctor should definitely decide whether an antibiotic is useful. Finally, Buhmann explains options for immunization: "There is the so-called Strovac vaccine, it contains killed bacteria that often cause cystitis," said the urologist. Urovaxom tablets work similarly. However, the proof of effectiveness is still pending, which is why neither vaccination nor tablets are paid by the health insurance. According to Bühmann, many women benefit from immunization through an unspecific increase in defense. (ad)

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