Increasing life expectancy: people live extremely long in these countries

Increasing life expectancy: people live extremely long in these countries

Worldwide, people are getting older
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), worldwide life expectancy has increased significantly. How old you get depends, among other things, on where you are born. Women in Japan are the oldest. People in Sierra Leone die particularly early.

Women live longer than men
According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), worldwide life expectancy has increased significantly and has climbed by five to 71.4 years since 2000. Women are 73.8 years ahead of men (69.1 years). However, as the WHO health statistics show, there are large regional differences: While newborn children in 29 wealthy countries, according to experts, have an average life expectancy of at least 80 years, life expectancy in 22 countries south of the Sahara is less than 60 years.

Life expectancy in Germany reaches record level
The average life expectancy for women in Japan is highest at 86.8 years, and for men Switzerland is at the top with 81.3 years. According to the new figures, the average life expectancy for 2015 born in Germany is 81 years. It is 83.4 years for women and 78.7 years for men. The Federal Statistical Office also came to similar results: In a press release the experts reported a few months ago that life expectancy had risen to a record high. However, a recently published benchmark index of life expectancy showed that it largely depends on a region's prosperity what age the population living there will reach. According to the WHO figures, the Germans do relatively poorly when compared directly with their European neighbors. The citizens who live the longest in Europe are Swiss, Spaniards and Italians.

People in Sierra Leone die particularly early
People born in Sierra Leone are reported to die the earliest. In the West African country, women live on average 50.8 years and men even only 49.3 years old. On the positive side, people in the African region lived an average of 9.4 longer than 15 years ago - life expectancy increased the most there. According to the WHO, the reason for this is the better fight against malaria. In addition, it had succeeded in combating the spread of HIV.

Africa is lagging behind in health care
For the German Foundation for World Population, this success is an indication of the importance of political and economic aid in poor countries. "The increased life expectancy shows that investments in health care and medical research and development pay off," said the managing director of the foundation, Renate Bähr. “But Africa is still lagging behind in terms of health care and life expectancy. For example, although the continent is most affected by preventable diseases like AIDS and malaria, there are only two doctors per 10,000 people! There are 16 times as many in Europe. ”(Ad)

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